Take customer
satisfaction to
the next level
CodeWell AI

Take customer satisfaction
to the next level with
CodeWell AI

Hire your new banking digital employee who works on a human level based on the latest AI technologies!

CodeWell AI

is a platform for digital employees, now available for the banking industry, working with high precision, human-like conversation, easy to set up and learn all custom procedures.

It's like having your very own ChatGPT over whose knowledge base you have full control and governance.

Long Wait Time =
High Customer Churn

Emojis chart mobileIVR Menu illustrationWait Time illustration


of users hang up after 4 minutes

Agent Answering Time illustrationTransfer illustration


of customers are frustrated when kept on hold longer than 5 minutes

Agent Answering Time illustration


of customers hang up after 6 minutes


of users hang up after 4 minutes


of customers are frustrated when kept on hold longer than 5 minutes


of customers hang up after 6 minutes

IVR Menu illustrationWait Time illustrationAgent Answering Time illustrationTransfer illustrationAgent Answering Time illustration

Call Center average handle time (AHT) = 13 minutes

13 Minutes

is the average call center hold time during which 26% of customers hang up after 4 minutes and 34% hang up after 6 minutes.


of customers prefer to communicate with an AI to avoid long wait times.


of customers require immediate response when calling the contact center.


83% of customers prefer to speak to a single person to resolve any issue.


Instant Service for Your Entire Customer Base

Amplify clients’ satisfaction by providing instant responses and solutions around the clock to an unlimited number of users at the same time. CodeWell AI ensures that your customers have seamless access to all their needs, offering 24/7 availability across multiple channels and languages, without any wait time or transfers.

CodeWell Ai ease of functioning illustration

Slash Call Volumes,
Ignite Employee Productivity

CodeWell AI enhances team productivity and concurrently reduces call volumes, stress, and workloads. By handling the first line of support, this comprehensive solution allows staff to free up valuable time to prioritize critical tasks, resulting in heightened productivity levels. Additionally, it gives them insights into the biggest customer pain points.

With CodeWell AI Call volumes decrease, and productivity increases

Rapid Setup,
Organized Knowledge,
Customized Service

Train and set up the digital employee in just one day! Experience the convenience of having everything neatly organised in a single location, empowering you with full governance over the knowledge base. This paves the way for a standardised service tailored to each customer, ensuring consistent excellence and seamless customer interactions.

CodeWell AI employee panel example illustration

Setup Process

The “sign up” screen of CodeWell AI’s admin panel for digital employees

Create an

To get started, visit the platform's website and locate the Create Account option. Next, enter the data requested in the registration form provided on the website. This will allow you to successfully create your account on the platform.  


Brief your digital employee on the bank’s processes

Next, brief your digital employee on the bank's processes by providing answers to the wide range of predefined industry-specific questions. By providing detailed responses, you equip the digital employee with the necessary knowledge to assist customers and navigate the bank's procedures accurately, ensuring a seamless experience. 

Codewell AI’s admin panel with the FAQ section open

Let your new AI employee take care of your clients

As the final step of the process, click Launch and entrust your clients to the capable hands of your new AI employee. In addition, monitor interactions with your clients and analyse all timeframes using extensive data to gain valuable insights into their requirements.

The admin panel’s home screen showing analytics once a digital employee was launched.

Available Integration on
the most popular
chat platforms


Dimitar Kovachevski, Prime Minister of North Macedonia

Dimitar Kovacevski

Prime Minister
of North Macedonia

We are excluding the influence of the human factor, the possibility of mistakes and corrupt practices. Driven by this vision, we proudly introduce ADA, the pioneering digital assistant revolutionizing public service provision. With ADA, we elevate our country's digitization practices to new heights, ensuring enhanced efficiency and accessibility for all

Fatmir Bytyqi, Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Economic Affairs in North Macedonia

Fatmir Bytyqi

Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Economic Affairs in North Macedonia

ADA is the manifestation of the change that we all need, a manifestation of digitization in the name of transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in the public sector. ADA is available 24/7, capable of serving an unlimited number of users simultaneously, without the need for unnecessary transfers between institutions. Everyone will receive the same crucial information, effectively eliminating the potential for information manipulation.

Festim Halili, Director of the Fund for Innovation & Technology Development

Festim Halili

Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development

With ADA, we send a strong message that it is time for new technological changes that will ensure a better future for all citizens. ADA is here and is ready to enable a new, modern communication between citizens and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as facilitate faster access to public data.

Borche Gjorgjeski, Head of Contact Center at A1 Telekom Austria

Borche Gjorgjeski

Head of Contact Center at A1 Telekom Austria

Slavcho went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations with unmatched efficiency. Available 24/7, he handled over 350,000 customers in just a few months, autonomously managing 99% of all interactions. Users often mistook him for a human agent due to the seamless conversations, highlighting his impressive performance and building essential trust for a positive user experience.

Invest North Macedonia logo

Invest North Macedonia

The introduction of the digital assistant ADA fosters data accessibility and enhances institutional transparency. This, in turn, builds the trust of both citizens and the business sector in the system's institutions, as well as instills confidence in potential investors, which is essential for making investment decisions.

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